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The Journal , the official organ of the Washington Academy of Sciences, publishes original scientific research, critical reviews, historical articles, proceedings of scholarly meetings of its affiliated societies, reports of the Academy, and other items of interest to Academy members. The Journal appears four times a year (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter). The Winter issue contains a directory of the current membership of the Academy.

Subscription Rates:

Memberships, fellows, and life members in good standing receive the Journal without charge. Subscriptions are available on a calendar year basis, payable in advance. Payment must be made in U.S. currency at the following rates:

U.S. and Canada....................... $30.00
Other countries $35.00
Single copies when available. $15.00, U.S. and Canada
Individual articles Post-1960, U.S. and Canada, $15.00,
Other Countries, $20.00

Pre-1960, priced individually. Send inquiry to Journal@washacadsci.org.


The Washington Academy of Sciences had its origin in the Philosophical Society of Washington which was organized in 1871. In 1898, the Academy was formed as a federation of the more specialized scientific societies in the greater Washington area
The purpose of the new academy was to encourage the advancement of science and "to conduct, endow, or assist investigation in any department of science". Over the years, the number of affiliated societies has increased from the original eight to over sixty.

The Proceedings of the WAS was published during the period 1899-1911. The Journal superseded the Proceedings in 1911, and it has been published ever since.

Contributions appearing in the Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences normally are original papers which have not been published elsewhere.

Members of the Academy may request that downloadable copies of specific articles be posted on the website. To make such requests, please contact the Journal editor at journal@washacadsci.org.

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