Science & Technology Aptitude Recognition in Schools “STARS”

The objective of the Washington Academy of Sciences “STARS” Program is to augment the continuing development of the nation’s skilled workforce by encouraging early interest in Science through participation in Secondary School Programs promoting science projects.

The Program is designed to:

  • Encourage individual student participation by providing WAS prizes and Awards to selected student projects.
  • Recognize individual teachers who have provided exceptional guidance and encouragement to their students.
  • Provide recognition of student Science Project activities in the Journal and Website of the Washington Academy of Sciences
  • Draw on the reservoir of knowledge and experience of WAS and Affiliate Society members and provide them the opportunity to participate as science project judges and student mentors.

The WAS “STARS” Program is actively involved in several area Secondary School Science Programs. This includes Science Fairs at Elementary, Middle, and High Schools, a 22-school Robotics competition, and a Space Science Summer camp.

Members of the Academy and its Affiliate Societies may participate as a School Science Project Judge::
This typically involves approximately 4 hours of your time (in the January to March 15th time frame). Judges will be contacted early in the new year with School Location, specific Dates, Judging Criteria, etc. For further information on how to participate,

Please contact Dick Davies
By e-mail at:
Tel: (
202) 331- 4386

Our goal is to enhance and expand the “STARS” Program to make the Washington Academy of Sciences a ‘household word’ in the area’s

Students have been enthusiastic about their interaction with practicing professionals and they gain motivating insights into the world of Science. Science and Technology can provide the amplifiers, the multipliers, and a wondrous world of potential opportunities. However, only people, (including inspired students with their whole career ahead of them) can be the visionaries, the real world changers who turn these opportunities into reality.

Perhaps the poet Tennyson captures it best:

For I dipped into the future as far as human eye could see, and saw a vision of the world and all the wonder that would be …