Roster of Affiliates

Washington Academy of Sciences

Affiliated Societies

In 1898, the Washington area’s eight scientific societies banded together to form the Washington Academy of Sciences, an umbrella organization designed to facilitate the cooperation among the scientific disciplines. Now, over 100 years later, with nearly 60 affiliated organizations, the Academy continues to effectively pursue that goal.

* We welcome affiliation with any scientific society based in the Washington, DC area. Affiliating with the Academy brings many benefits:

* Meetings
o The ability to participate in the biennial Capital Science Conference (held every two years in the National Science Foundation Conference facility)
o No-cost meeting rooms in the AAAS building for our Affiliates
o Publicity for our Affiliates’ functions includes posting on our website calendar (viewed by about 5000 visitors monthly) and email circulation to all of our Affiliates (reaching between 10,000 and 20,000 scientists)

* Affiliates may place their own website on the Academy server at no cost

* The Journal
o Members of our Affiliated Societies receive preference to publish in the Journal (all papers are juried).
o Members of the Academy may request that any Journal article be posted on the Academy website at no cost (all of the Tables of Contents since 1898 are posted). The delegates from the Affiliates may make the request on behalf of any member of the Affiliate. This service is not available to non-members.

Year of affiliation and name
1898 – Philosophical Society of Washington
1898 – Anthropological Society of Washington
1898 –Biological Society of Washington
1898 – Chemical Society of Washington
1898 – Entomological Society of Washington
1898 –National Geographic Society
1898 – Geological Society of Washington
1898 –Medical Society of the District of Columbia
1899 – Historical Society of Washington D.C. (formerly Columbia Historical Society)
1902 – Botanical Society of Washington
1904 – Society of American Foresters,Washington Section
1907 – Washington Society of Engineers
1912 – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Washington Section
1923 – American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Washington Section
1923 – American Society of Microbiology, Washington Branch
1927 – Society of American Military Engineers, Washington Post
1942 – American Society of Civil Engineers, National Capital Section
1952 – Society for Experimental Biology and Medicine, D.C. Section
1953 – American Society for Metals, Washington Chapter
1953 – International Association for Dental Research, Washington Section
1953 – American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, National Capital Section
1954 – American Meteorological Society, D.C. Chapter
1959 – Insecticide Society of Washington
1959 – Acoustical Society of America, Washington Chapter
1960 – American Nuclear Society, Washington Section
1961 – Institute of Food Technologists, Washington Section
1962 – American Ceramic Society, Baltimore-Washington Section

1962 – Electrochemical Society, National Capital Area Section
1965 – Washington History of Science Club
1965 – American Association of Physics Teachers, Chesapeake Section
1966 – Optical Society of America, National Capital Section,
1966 – American Society of Plant Biologists, Washington Section
1966 – WINFORMS, (Washington Chapter of the Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences)
1967 – International Society of Automation (Baltimore/Washington DC Section of the ISA)
1968 – American Institute of Mining Metallurgical & Petroleum Engineers
1970 – National Capital Astronomers
1971 – Mathematical Association of America, Maryland, D.C., Virginia Section
1973 – Greater Washington Institute of Chemists
1975 – District of Columbia Psychological Association
1975 – Washington Paint Technology Group
1976 – Society for General Systems Research
1976 – American Phytopathological Society
1976 – Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
1977 – American Fisheries Society
1981 -Association for Science, Technology, and Innovation
1982 – Eastern Sociological Society
1983 – Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Northern Virginia Section
1985 –ACM–The First Society in Computing, Washington Chapter
1985 –Washington Statistical Society
1989 – Institute of Industrial Engineers, National Capital Chapter
1989 – Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Washington, D.C. Chapter
1997 – Washington Evolutionary Systems Society (WESS)
1997 – Technology Transfer Society, Washington Area Chapter
1998 – Association for Women in Science, Washington, DC Chapter
1999 – World Future Society, Metropolitan Washington Chapter
2000 -Association of Information Technology Professionals
2003 – Washington Society for the History of Medicine
2003 – Marine Technology Society
2004 –
Soil and Water Conservation Society
2007 –
Potowmack Chapter, Virginia Native Plant Society
2009-American Society for Cybernetics
2011 –
National Capital Area Skeptics
2011 –
Capital Area Food Protection Association
2012 –
American Astronomical Society