We are glad you are considering the Washington Academy of Sciences.  We are an affiliated academy comprised of over sixty scientific societies. The Academy’s Journal is peer-reviewed and has no page charges. It is provided free to members.

The membership application is here It will open in a new window. Please fill out all the information. The application goes to the membership committee for consideration. If approved for membership, you will receive an email from the Vice President for Membership welcoming you to Academy membership. You pay your dues at that time.

The qualification for regular/student membership is simple. The applicant must show an interest in science/technology. This may be indicated by university degree (student members major in a technical field) or membership in professional scientific societies.

Fellows go through a different and more rigorous process. To nominate a Fellow, complete and print out the Fellowship application form and mail to: Vice President for Membership, Washington Academy of Sciences, 1200 New York Avenue, N.W., Room GL117, Washington, DC 20005. An applicant must be nominated by two Fellows of the Academy, one of whom must be familiar with the applicant’s work. Successful applicants must be active in research and/or service in a scientific or technical field. Once the application is received, the membership committee decides whether to pass the application to the Board of Managers for consideration. There are two separate readings of the application by the Board of Managers before final approval.

Annual dues for Members are $60, for Non-Resident Fellows $65.00 and $70 for Fellows residing in the Washington, D.C. area. Student memberships are $25. Life membership for individual Members or Fellows is available for a one-time payment of ten times the annual dues.

The Academy brings together the entire panoply of local scientific societies, giving our members the opportunity not only of face-to-face interaction with a wide variety of scientists but also affords the opportunity of society-to-society interaction as often as desired. This differentiates the Academy from national umbrella organizations where face-to-face interaction is usually limited to annual meetings. The calendar on our website makes it easy for members to keep informed of Washington’s science-related activities and to engage in professional networking.

Members who wish to organize scientific activities, such as conferences and symposia, are encouraged to request sponsorship for the event from the Academy.

Among the tangible benefits of membership are:

  • Reduced rates for all Academy functions. We offer several events during the year. These include the highly regarded biennial Capital Science meeting of our affiliates, the annual awards banquet, and special purpose meetings or lectures.
  • The quarterly Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences
  • Invitations to and often reduced rates for the functions of our Affiliates and the Societies and Institutions with which we are affiliated.
  • The ability to request and receive free downloads of articles from the Journal archives.
  • The ability to place future science-related events on the Academy website calendar.
  • The ability to become a member of the Library of Congress Federal Credit Union.
  • The opportunity to publish a technical book with the Academy as the publisher.