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Jim Eigenrieder
Jim Egenrieder specializes in K-20 STEM Education strategies, research and evaluation for local school systems in collaboration with Northern Virginia Community College and other regional higher education partners. He teaches graduate coursework in Watershed Science, Education and Leadership at Virginia Tech (Northern Virginia); education technology at Marymount University; and technology education at McDaniel College. He also works in alternative agriculture, environmental engineering, and related education programs, operating a riverfront research farm and teacher training center in Hampshire County, WV.
Terrell Erickson
Terrell Erickson is the Director of Ecological Sciences for the Natural Resources Conservation Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture in Washington, D.C. She leads 17 national science disciplines (e.g., National Agronomist, National Forester, National Biologist, National Grazing Lands Specialist, and Science Advisors). Her interests include connecting long-term sustainable agriculture with best conservation practices. She is the principal author of a natural science publishers’ award-winning field guide on wetlands (2006).
Ron Hietala
Ronald Hietala is a semi-retired industrial-organizational psychologist. His career was in training and organizational development. He is interested in scientific methodology, process improvement, and human development and functioning.
Vice President, Affiliated Societies
Richard Hill
Richard Hill is a developer consultant within a global technology lab, utilizing his academic background of engineering and neuroscience to discover solutions in the dynamic field of cybersecurity. His previous projects include a spectroscopy toolkit for a pharmaceutical company, distributed embedded system for an engineering grant, and data-mined historical record sets for a government agency. Additionally, he serves as vice chair for IEEE’s Washington Section and lead mentor/engineer for a D.C. high school’s FIRST Robotics club.
Vice President, Junior Academy
Dick Davies
dick davies
Dick Davies is a serial entrepreneur and has been president of Sales Lab Incorporated for over 30 years. He now blogs to promote his companies, new technologies, and civic and social interests. He is a loud and frequent speaker on how businesses are adopting new technology.
Vice President, Membership
Sethanne Howard
Sethanne Howard is an astronomer, retired Chief of the Nautical Almanac Office. Her main field of research is interacting galaxies.

Board of Managers

The Academy’s Board of Managers is comprised of the officers listed
above, the six members-at-large listed below, the immediate past president,
plus the representatives of the Affiliated Societies.

Members at Large

Cathy With
cathy with
Catherine With, MA, JD, LLM (military law), LLM (health law), is an attorney who has extensive experience in health law, medico-legal issues, and medical and scientific research. She has written, published, presented, and lectured on many topics including health law, biomedical ethics, research ethics, forensic sciences, genetics, tissue repositories and biospecimen use, scientific evidence, medical acupuncture, complementary, alternative and integrative medicine, recruit medicine, biological weapons, information operations and computer and information warfare. She is a Major in the US Army’s Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAG), and is currently assigned as an Associate General Counsel at the Department of Defense’s Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USUHS) in Bethesda, MD.
Neal Schmeidler
neal schmeidler
Neal F. Schmeidler designs and executes studies to analyze work and business activities to find solutions that improve organizational performance. He has applied his skills to activities such as air traffic control, aviation safety inspection, food safety inspection, test and evaluation of ocean oil spill response capability, medical care response to acts of bioterrorism, maintenance of the National Airspace System, and space shuttle orbiter maintenance. As a Manager at Grant Thornton LLP, he oversees workforce analysis and staff model development studies and provides technical thought leadership in the design and development of solutions. Prior to his present position, he owned and operated a small industrial engineering services firm providing solutions to resource management challenges for clients in federal and local governmental agencies as well as firms in the private sector.
Frank Haig, S.J.
Frank Haig, S.J. is a Jesuit and a professor emeritus of physics at Loyola University Maryland in Baltimore, specializing in cosmology. Haig has served as the second President of Wheeling Jesuit University from 1966 to 1972 and the seventh President of LeMoyne College from 1981 until 1987.
Michael Cohen
mike cohen
Michael Cohen
Michael P. Cohen is Principal Sampling Statistician at American Institutes for Research. Dr. Cohen was President of the Washington Academy of Sciences (WAS) 2003-04. He represents the Washington Statistical Society to WAS.
Paul Arveson
Paul Arveson’s first career was as a physicist in the Navy, where he served as a researcher doing projects in acoustics and oceanography. In 1999, he changed careers, retiring from the government to work as a web developer and technology architect for various government contractors. Recently he co-founded a consulting company, the Balanced Scorecard Institute, that provides training in strategic management to government and private-sector organizations. He is active in various technical organizations, and is a Fellow in the Washington Academy of Sciences.

Immediate Past President

Jim Cole
jim cole
Jim Cole has performed research in optical fiber interferometry and fiber optic sensors throughout his career. At TRW his paper on interferometric fiber optic acoustic sensors was one of the first and he is recognized as a pioneer in fiber optic sensing. He joined NRL in 1978 and left in 1986 to join Dylor Corporation; returning to NRL in 2000, where he has continued his work on fiber sensors and other systems. In 1982 and 2003 he received NRL’s Alan Berman Research Publication Award for the best papers in the Acoustic and Optical Sciences Divisions, respectively. He has authored or coauthored over 80 peer-reviewed articles and conference presentations, presented more than a dozen invited talks and holds 11 patents.

Journal Editor (ex officio)

Sally Rood
Sally Rood has worked on issues in science policy, technology transfer, and economic development with agencies, federal labs, universities, and industry. She promotes communication and collaboration internationally.

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