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In early 1993, the University of Waterloo Library (in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada), set up an Internet Resources Committee which eventually grew to be the Scholarly Societies Project, a project which is attempting to identify and link to all of the major (and many of the minor) scholarly societies in the world. Late in the afternoon of Wednesday, November 20, 1996, the Project achieved a significant milestone — the addition of the one thousandth society. This was the link to the website of the Mathematische Gesellschaft in Hamburg. Founded in 1690, the Gesellschaft challenges the WAS claim to venerability. Nonetheless, we too have our place in the Project’s panoply, as does virtually every other Scholarly Society you may wish to contact. We urge you to visit this most fascinating of sites, the Scholarly Societies Project .

Below are several other sites you may find of interest. The AAAS site is also found among those of the Scholarly Societies. We repeat it here because of its great and immediate interest to WAS members.

Professor Charles Smith, of the University of Kentucky, has posted an invaluable resource for anyone interested in Biogeography. In the words of Dr. Smith, “…not only does this study have a long and distinguished history extending back to before the advent of the theory of natural selection, but it is also highly interdisciplinary, incorporating elements of a good many other sciences–including ecology, paleobiology, geology, conservation studies, physical geography, evolutionary biology, bioclimatology, and systematics–into its own emphasis on “what lives where, and why.” Dr. Smith has made available a full-test archive of the early classics (pre-1950) in the field, including a reprint of George Gaylord Simpson’s Classic “Mammals and Land Bridges“, from the Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences 30 (1940): 137-163.