Sriram – Standards in Telemedicine

Ram D. Sriram

The Role of Standards in Telemedicine

The future and expanded use of telemedicine and related health IT (HIT) technologies could enable patients in underserved areas to receive expert care by well-trained specialists. Better communication across providers of care is essential to sharing resources and reducing duplication of effort. This can be facilitated through the use of new technologies, in particular, electronic health records and telemedicine. However, for telemedicine to be successful we need meaningful, interoperable standards and guidelines for clinical telemedicine, including electronic imaging, data storage, interoperability, and proper procedures. In this talk I will discuss the role of standards in facilitating telemedicine, with an emphasis on electronic health records, medical device interoperability, and image acquisition, transmission and display of information.

First presented: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Talk at the Course on Telehealth, April 04, 2017

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