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Browsing:We have listed the Tables of Contents in ten-year groups. Click on a group to bring up the Tables of Contents within that group, then click on an individual issue to retrieve the Table of Contents for that issue. (The 13 years of Proceedings are in a group by themselves).

Obtaining an article: If you want a hard copy of the article, please contact us. Specify the relevant Title, Volume, and Page Numbers. For articles printed in 1960 or later, enclose your check for $10.00 if the article is to be mailed in the U.S. or Canada; $15.00 for other countries. Articles printed prior to 1960 are priced individually. If you require one of the older articles, send an email to, stating the relevant Title, Volume and Page Numbers and we will inform you of the price.

IF YOU ARE A MEMBER and you would like a downloadable copy, contact us and let us know what you want. We will need the Journal issue and the article name. If the article is available to us, we will scan it and put it on the web, from whence it can be downloaded. There is no charge for this service. While all interested parties may read the requested articles, we will only respond to requests from members.

Organization of the Journals

The earliest publications, the Proceedings, have their own grouping. The Journals are in groups of ten volumes. To find a specific publication, click on the group heading and then on the volume desired.


Journals Numbers 1 to 10: 1911 to 1920

Journals Numbers 11 to 20: 1921 to 1930

Journals Numbers 21 to 30: 1931 to 1940

Journals Numbers 31 to 40: 1941 to 1950

Journals Numbers 41 to 50: 1951 to 1960

Journals Numbers 51 to 60: 1961 to 1970

Journals Numbers 61 to 70: 1971 to 1980

Journals Numbers 71 to 80: 1981 to 1990

Journals Numbers 81 to 90: 1991 to 2004

Journals Numbers 91 to 98: 2005 to 2012

Journals Numbers 99 to 104: 2013 to 2018


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