Selected Journal Articles

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V.6-17-Some Information from Spanish Sources Regarding Siouan Tribes of the East

V.17-10-Potsherds from Choctaw Village Sites in Mississippi

V.23-3-Hopewell type pottery, Frank Setzler

V.28-8-Aconite Arrow Poison in the Old and New World.Robert F. Heizer

V.31-4-Relationships of an Early Indian Cranial Series from Louisiana. Henry B. Collins, Jr.

V.32-9-Archeological Accomplishments During the Past Decade in the United States. Frank M. Setzler

V.38-10-Palachacolas Town, Hampton County, South Carolina. Frank M. Setzler

V.40-1 – A Unique Archeological Specimen from Australia. Frank M. Setzler and Frederick D. McCarthy.

V.46-3 – The influence of space flight on engineering and science. Milton W. Rosen

V.46-8- Cosmological theories–ancient and modern, R. M. Page

V.49-3-Papers Comprising a Symposium on the Subject Extramural Science Programs on the Federal Government

V.49-5-National Science Foundation Makes Educational Grant to Washington Academy of Sciences

V.50-3-Joint Board, Junior Academy, Science and Development

V.63-2-Environmental Approaches to the Prehistory of the North. William Fitzhugh

V.71-4-Early Women Chemists of the Northeast. Nina Matheny Roscher and Phillip L. Ammons

V.74-3-High Technology, Can Higher Education Meet the Challenge. Nina M. Roscher

V.84-3-A Translation of a Zosimos’ Text in an Arabic Alchemy Book. H.S. El Khadem

V.85-1-Partners or Antagonists-Medicaid and the Public Mental Health Agency in the Era of Managed Care. James O. Michel, et al.

V.85-4-Gratuity_in_Nature_and Technology. Paul T. Arveson

V.89-3&4- Nature’s Medicine Cabinet – Notes on Botanical Therapeutics at the Birth of the New World. Alain Touwaide

V.90-1-Adding a Bit of Scientific Rigor to the Art of Finding and Appreciating Fine Wines. Kenneth J. Haapala

V.90-3-Plants and Man in Antiquity – A Detective Story. Alain Touwaide

V.90-3-James H. Cole, Clay Kirkendall, Anthony Dandridge, Gary Cogdell, and T.G. Giallorenzi. Twenty-five Years of Interferometric Fiber Optic Acoustic Sensors at the Naval Research Laboratory

V.90-3-Getting Sick and Getting Cured in Late Antiquity. John Wortley

V.90-4-Leonardo da Vinci and Printed Ancient Medical Texts. Joanne Snow-Smith

V.90-4-Mislabeling, Miscalculating, and Misunderstanding. Rev. James B. Miller

V.92-2-The Role of Academies of Science in the Critical Examination of New Ideas: Looking at Gaia. Frank R. Haig, S.J. and Peg Kay

V.93-3-Harvey C. Hayes, reprint. Measuring Ocean Depths by Acoustical Methods

V.93-3-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Sethanne Howard and Mark Crandall

V.94-2-Can Long-Established Scientific Societies Survive the Digital Age? W. Ronald Heyer

V.94-2-Hoag’s Object, Remnant of a Vanished Bar. T. Freeman et al.

V.94-3-Thank God for the Journal of the Academy!  Scientific Publications During World War II. Emanuela Appetiti

V.95-1-Smithsonian Institution and the US Exploring Expeditions, or How the Nation’s Attic was Created. Emanuela Appetiti

V.95-4-Making Connections: New Approaches to Communicate And Educate About Life on Earth. J. Elder

V.96-1-Where’s My Nobel Prize and Other Public Relations Faux Pas. R. Stombler

V.96-4-Facilitating Student Autonomy in Project-Based Learning. J. Egenrieder

V.97-2-Black Holes Can Dance. S. Howard

V.97-4-Editor Winter 2011. J. Maffucci

V.97-4-Preparing Academic Citizens. P. Ryder

V.97-4-Service Learning as a Method of Instruction, S. Umpleby

V.97-4-Service Learning in Croatia. N. Preradovic

V.98-1-Online Introductory Physics Labs: Status and Methods. A. Reagan

V.98-1-Simulation Based Military Training: An Engineering Approach to Better Addressing Competing Environmental, Fiscal, and Security Concerns. J. Summers

V.98-3-Strategic Management of Scientific Research Organizations. Paul T. Arveson

V.98-3-Addressing Eastern Shore and Chesapeake Bay Environmental Issues and Economic Development. S. Rood

V.98-4-Why Pluto Is Not a Planet Anymore. S. Howard

V.100-1–Changes in Antarctic Sea Ice as a Microcosm of Global Climate Change. C. Parkinson

V.100-2 A New Model for Health Care – Awards Banquet Speech, May 8, 2014. Neal Barnard

V. 100-3 Influential Statisticians of Yesteryear – Michael P. Cohen (Fall 2014)

V.101-2 Docosahexaenoic Acid Induces Death in Murine Leukemia Cells by Activating the Extrinsic Pathway of Apoptosis. E. Eugene Williams

V.101-3 Social Media Analysis for Higher Education A. Berea et al.

V.101-4 A Study of the Primary Granitoid Outcroppings and Sedimentary Rocks in the Boali Region of the Central African Republic. N. Bassanganam

V.102-2 Trade as a Premise for Social Complexity A. Berea

V.102-3 International Standard for Solar Cooking P. Arveson

V.102.4 – A Tribute to Katherine Gebbie (full issue) 

V.104.1 – The Tipping Pot Problem – P. Arveson

V.106.1 – Beyond the Classroom – P. Arveson

V.107.1 – Errors Due to Doppler Shift in Measured Levels from a Moving Ship – D. Vendittis and P. Arveson

V.107.1 – Spiral Galaxies When Disks Dominate the Halos – G.G. Byrd and S. Howard

V.109.1– Is a Greenhouse Heated by Convection Blocking or Radiation Trapping? – P. Arveson

V.109.1–Presidents_of_the_Washington_Academy_of_Sciences – L. Madsen.pdf