Washington Academy of Sciences

Awards for Scientific Achievement

 In order to recognize scientific work of merit and distinction, the Washington Academy of Sciences gives awards annually to scientists who work in the greater Washington D.C. area.  (Recipients do not need to be members of the Academy or its Affiliates.)  Each individual (not already a Fellow) who has been chosen to be the recipient of an Academy Award for Scientific Achievement shall be considered nominated for immediate election of fellowship.

Award certificates are presented by a colleague at our Annual Awards Banquet, which is a formal affair with a gourmet dinner in the Washington, DC area.  Please see our Upcoming Events list (right side of the page) for details.

The Awards Program, begun in 1940, is literally a catalog of a “golden age” of scientific achievement and leadership.  While we have honored these scientists over the decades, we equally have been honored by our association with them.

Nominations for Awards

Nominations may be submitted any time.  The deadline for annual  submissions is shown in Upcoming Events (right side of the page).  We consider nominations submitted in any scientific or engineering discipline, including biological sciences, engineering, mathematics and computer science, physical sciences, behavioral and social sciences, and health sciences, in the following categories:

Early Career Award

To recognize a promising investigator within five years of graduation who is making notable contributions in any scientific or engineering discipline.

Distinguished Career Award

To recognize people who have had a significant impact on any scientific or engineering discipline.  This is a lifetime achievement award.

Excellence in Research Award

To recognize people for outstanding research contributions in any scientific or engineering discipline.

Young Investigator Award

To recognize a promising young investigator who is making outstanding contributions to progress in science or engineering.

Leadership Award

To recognize an individual in the government or industry for outstanding leadership in advancing science or engineering.

Teaching Awards

To recognize people for their excellence in teaching. There are three types of teaching awards: 1) Krupsaw Award for Non-Traditional Teaching; 2) Lamberton Award for Teaching of Science in High School; 3) Leo Schubert Award for Teaching of Science in College.

What to Submit

The nomination package should contain the following:
• Cover letter from the nominator which clearly states the award category and/or specific discipline (e.g., Distinguished Career Award in Science or Excellence in Research Award in Mathematics and Computer Science or the appropriate teaching award). The cover letter should also state how the nominator knows the nominee.
• Nominee’s latest curriculum vitae, which should include home and business contact information (address, e-mail, telephone numbers).
• A statement (not exceeding 750 words) on the nominee’s contributions and impact.
• At least one and no more than five recommendation letters from individuals who can assess the nominee’s contributions and impacts.
• Citation: State briefly the nominee’s principal scientific contributions (should not exceed 25 words).

Where to Submit

All nominations should be submitted to the Vice President for Membership Affairs via email to
.   If it is not practical to send the nomination through email then the nomination should be mailed to the Awards Committee, Washington Academy of Sciences, Suite 455, 1200 New York Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20005.