Awards Banquet May 2023

Awards Banquets Awards are presented at an annual Awards Banquet held in May, where we present awards for Distinguished Career in Science, Excellence in Research, and Teaching. To nominate a colleague for an award, please see our nominations page.

Blair HS award winners 2022

Junior Academy Awards – The Junior Academy organizes judges for STEM fairs and related events in the DC area, and gives certificates from the Washington Junior Academy of Sciences to participants.

Capital Science – an exciting biennial event that was organized by Executive Director Peg Kay from 2004-2014.  These events brought together scientists and engineers from around the DC area to showcase their research activities.

Presentations  — an archive of audio, video and slide presentations sponsored or submitted by members of the Academy.

Symposia and Special Lectures  — occasional scientific symposia or lectures on special topics hosted by the Academy.

Science Is Murder— Executive Director Peg Kay introduced a Seal of Approval for fiction books that correctly use scientific knowledge.