Symposia and Special Lectures

On occasion the Washington Academy of Sciences hosts scientific symposia or lectures on special topics of current interest to the public.  The following links provide records of these special events.

The Academy’s Nanotechnology Forum on January 17, 2006 was chaired by James Ellenbogen (Senior Principal Scientist, Nanosystems Group, MITRE Corporation).  The symposium provided up-to-date information on this rapidly developing field.

2009 – LECTURE BY DR. MICHAEL COBLE at the National Science Foundation
Dr. Coble, then Director of the Research Section, Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory presented a lecture on forensic investigations of the last Russian Tsar’s family.

The Washington Academy of Sciences (WAS) and American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) sponsored a symposium at the AAAS headquarters auditorium on October 19, 2012. Four panelists attended; the moderator was Dr. David Poplack, Director of Texas Children’s Cancer Center.