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The interdisciplinary Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences is the official organ of the Washington Academy of Sciences. This peer-reviewed Journal publishes original scientific research, critical reviews, historical articles, proceedings of scholarly meetings of its affiliated societies, reports of the Academy, and other items of interest.  The Journal appears quarterly.  (Between 1899 and 1911, the Journal was known as the “Proceedings.”)

Authors have included at least ten Nobel Prize winners as well as dozens of nationally known scientists.

The Journal is an important contribution to national and international science and technology literature and an influence for science policy, as well. It is distributed to hundreds of scientists, policymakers, universities, and libraries around the world – with a particular concentration of subscribers in the Washington DC area – and also available via electronic clearinghouses. If, by member request, an individual article is posted on the Academy’s website, it is accessible by anyone with access to the Internet. Academy members receive the Journal without charge and there are no page charges for publishing in the Journal.

In 1898, The Washington Academy of Sciences formed as an affiliation of specialized scientific societies in the greater Washington area. The founders included Alexander Graham Bell and Samuel Langley, Secretary of the Smithsonian. The purpose of the new Academy was to encourage the advancement of science and “to conduct, endow, or assist investigation in any department of science.” The eight original founding societies were:

  • Philosophical Society of Washington
  • Anthropological Society of Washington
  • Biological Society of Washington
  • Chemical Society of Washington
  • Entomological Society of Washington
  • National Geographic Society
  • Geological Society of Washington
  • Medical Society of the District of Columbia

Over the years, the number of affiliated societies has increased from the original eight to more than 60 organizations that the Academy brings together through its activities.

Instructions for Authors

  1. Deadlines for quarterly submissions are:
    • Spring – February 1
    • Summer – May 1
    • Fall – August 1
    • Winter – November 1
  2. Draft manuscripts using a word processing program (such as Microsoft Word), not PDF.
  3. Papers should be 6,000 words or fewer. With seven or more graphics, reduce the number of words by 500 for each graphic.
  4. Include an abstract of 150-200 words.
  5. Graphics must be in black & white or greytone. They must be referenced in the text.
  6. Use endnotes, not footnotes. The bibliography may be in a style considered standard for the discipline or professional field represented by the paper.
  7. Submit papers as email attachments to the editor or associate editor.
  8. Include the author’s name, affiliation, and contact information — including postal address. Membership in an Academy-affiliated society may also be noted.
  9. Papers are peer reviewed and become the property of the Washington Academy of Sciences.
  10. There are no page charges.


Editor                                     Sethanne Howard

Board of Discipline Editors
The Journal also has a 13-member Board of Discipline Editors representing many technical fields including: anthropology, atmospheric studies, biology, botany, computer sciences, engineering, environmental natural sciences, health, history of medicine, mathematics, physics, science education, and systems science.

The members of the Board of Discipline Editors are affiliated with a variety of scientific institutions in the Washington area and beyond – government agencies such as the National Institute of Standards and Technology; universities such as George Mason University; and scientific societies such as IEEE.

Subscription Rates
Memberships, fellows, and life members in good standing receive the Journal without charge. Subscriptions are available on a calendar year basis, payable in advance. Payment must be made in U.S. currency at the following rates:

U.S. and Canada $30.00
Other countries $35.00
Single copies when available. $15.00, U.S. and Canada
Individual articles Post-1960, U.S. and Canada, $15.00,
Other Countries, $20.00
Pre-1960, priced individually. Send inquiry to our email address.
Contact Information

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Washington, DC 20005

For matters related to the Journal, please contact the editor at