In addition to the Journal, the Washington Academy of Sciences now includes on this website an archive of audio, video and slide presentations sponsored or submitted by members of the Academy.   Each presentation is shown on a separate page of the website, so that users anywhere on the Internet can easily locate each presentation through its permanent link (or “permalink”).  The index of these professional presentations is given below, listed in the  order in which they were presented.

We are grateful for the speakers and authors who have shared presentations with the Academy.  If you have content of this kind that you would be willing to share, please contact us.

Index of Presentations

Ram D. Sriram, “The Internet of Everything: Computational Challenges in Cyber-Physical-Social System Design”

Ram D. Sriram, “Transforming Health Care through Artificial Intelligence Revolutions”

Darrin Frye, MD, MPH, “For the Love of Science”  

Vint Cerf, “Lessons from the Internet”

Commander Christopher T. Steele, “Federal Funding Opportunities & Initiatives for Rehabilitation”

D. Nageshwar Reddy, “The COVID-19 Crisis: A Perspective From India”

Yolanda Gil, “Thoughtful Artificial Intelligence: Forging a New Partnership for Data Science and Scientific Discovery”

Ming Lin, “Reconstructing Reality: From Physical World to Virtual Environments

Sethanne Howard, “Impacting the Earth”

Ram D. Sriram, “Explorations in Artificial Intelligence: A Personal Journey”

Ram D. Sriram, “Transforming Health Care through Internet of Things and Omics Revolutions”

Ram D. Sriram, “The Role of Standards in Telemedicine”

Ram D. Sriram, “Smart Networked Systems and Societies: A Research Agenda”

Ram D. Sriram, “Smart Networked Systems and Societies: Research Challenges”

Ram D. Sriram, “Big Data and Semantic Web Meet Applied Ontology”

Ram D. Sriram, “Knowledge-based Expert Systems for Engineering: Overview and Project Management”

Ram D. Sriram, “Beyond Geometry: Issues in Product Representation, Cooperative Design”

Ram D. Sriram, “A Course in Object-Oriented Systems: Technology and Applications”

Mark Kortepeter, “Tales from Inside the Hot Zone and Relevance to the COVID-19 Outbreak”

Sethanne Howard, “Time and the Calendar” 

Sethanne Howard, “Black Holes Can Dance” 

Sethanne Howard, “4000 Years of Women in Science”