Website Policies

Washington Academy of Sciences

Website Content Policies

  1. All policies concerning the WAS website will be approved by the WAS Board of Managers after screening by the WAS Website Committee.
  2. Time-perishable material will be approved by the WAS President or the President’s designee.
  3. All material placed online under the banner of the WAS must meet the same high professional, ethical and moral standards that we require for material published in the Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences (see the front pages in any issue of the Journal).
  4. It is impossible to list all of the things that do not meet these standards, but information on the WAS website should reflect only positively on the Academy.  All items should have the goal of service to our members, potential members and the general public interested in science and technology and related policy and history.
  5. Material submitted for posting to the WAS website should be sent via email to for consideration.