Online Resources for STEM Education

During the pandemic, many organizations and schools have been adding online educational resources to support STEM education for students who could not attend classes in person.  Many resources are now becoming available to support STEM curricula or fill gaps.  We are pleased to share the following links for you to consider.  (These websites are not endorsed by the Academy but they are believed to be worthy of consideration by parents and professional educators.)

If you know about additional resources of this nature, please contact us so that we can consider adding them to this list.  Thank you!

AstraZeneca “At Home Science” resources
AstraZeneca (a pharmaceutical firm based in Gaithersburg, MD) provides basic home experiment videos.  Hosted on Vimeo also.
Generation Health is a dynamic middle school program that aims to make science personal through a focus on healthy living. Topics: cancer, respiratory, and a virtual field trip to the labs at AstraZeneca. Very upbeat with a bubbly presenter.

DNA Decoded resources
Lesson plans and videos provided by Illumina and Discovery Channel.  Lots of up-to-date classroom activities and materials you can download, mostly about genomics.  For high schools.

Discovery Education
Provides access to comprehensive, free tools and foundational support for teachers, parents, and caregivers.    Their “Daily DE” program features a grade-band appropriate learning activity for every day of the week. From digital interactives to virtual field trips to fun science experiments and more, these daily activities are great for keeping the learning going at home!

Learning Undefeated
A large and growing collection of STEM educational resources sponsored by a consortium of technology companies.   The site accepts short educational videos created by volunteers anywhere.

National Center for Biotechnology Information
A part of the NIH, NCBI provides variety of educational products including tutorials, courses, workshops, webinars, training materials and documentation. NCBI educational events are free and open to everyone. All NCBI educational materials are available for anyone to re-use and distribute.  (Most resources are intended for working scientists.)

One Health Lessons
Lessons on health and environmental topics for students across seven age groups. Each lesson addresses multiple (U.S.) Next Generation Science Standards.

X-STEM All Access
An entertaining, educational, and interactive online STEM experience for 6-12th graders. Through a series of daily livestream events, students hear from an exclusive group of visionaries who aim to inspire kids about careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. Geared towards grades 6 to 12, but kids and adults of all ages are welcome.