Washington Academy of Sciences

Committees for 2018 – 2019

(Some committee members have not yet been assigned. Please contact the President of the Board of Managers for details.)

Executive Committee:
Mina Izadjoo, President
Ron Hietala, Treasurer
Lynnette Madsen, Secretary
Ram Sriram, VP Membership Affairs
Eugene Williams, VP Affiliate Affairs
Paul Arveson, VP Junior Academy of Sciences
Sethanne Howard, VP Membership Affairs

Committee on Awards for Scientific Achievement:
Ram Sriram, Chair

Nominations Committee:
Judy Staveley, Chair
Michael P. Cohen
Mina Izadjoo
Lynnette Madsen

Teller Committee:
Ron Hietala
Paul Arveson

Audit Committee:
Michael P. Cohen
Sue Cross
Mahesh Mani

Editorial Advisory Committee:
Sethanne Howard, Editor
To be named, Proofreader


Paul Arveson