Special Events

American Junior Academy of Sciences
Meets in Denver

Group of AJAS students
AJAS students at Denver Aquarium – Photo by Paul Arveson

Students of the American Junior Academy of Sciences (AJAS) met in Denver, Feb. 14-17, 2024 in conjunction with the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting.  The Washington Junior Academy of Sciences brought a team of students to this exciting event with students from around the country.

Affiliate Receptions

The Washington Academy of Sciences hosts a variety of special events on occasion.  Of these, the most prominent are Affiliate Receptions, in which we invite leaders and delegates from all the Affiliated Societies to attend a reception and speaker (or panel discussion) on topics of general scientific interest.

Forums and Symposia

Below are links to some special lectures,  Forums and Symposia of lasting interest.

NSF Lecture on Forensic Science, Michael Coble

Nanotech Forum, 2006

Pediatric Cancer Symposium, 2012