The Journal of the
Washington Academy of Sciences

The interdisciplinary Journal of the Washington Academy of Sciences is the official organ of the Washington Academy of Sciences. This peer-reviewed Journal publishes original scientific research, critical reviews, historical articles, proceedings of scholarly meetings of its affiliated societies, reports of the Academy, and other items of interest.  The Journal appears quarterly.  (Between 1899 and 1911, the Journal was known as the Proceedings.)

Authors have included at least ten Nobel Prize winners as well as dozens of nationally known scientists.

The Journal is an important contribution to national and international science and technology literature and an influence for science policy, as well. It is distributed to hundreds of scientists, policymakers, universities, and libraries around the world – with a particular concentration of subscribers in the Washington DC area – and also available via the JSTOR electronic clearinghouse.  Members may request specific articles to be posted on the Academy’s website. Academy members receive the Journal without charge and there are no page charges for publishing in the Journal.  Instructions for journal submissions are provided here.


In addition to the Journal, the Washington Academy of Sciences now includes on this website an archive of audio, video and slide presentations sponsored or submitted by members of the Academy.  Members are invited to submit content of this kind for review prior to posting on this website.   Please contact the editor for submissions.

Academy Seal of Approval

The Academy offers those Academy members who have written a science-heavy book the opportunity to submit the book to our editors for review of the science therein. The manuscript receives the same rigorous scientific review that we accord articles published in our Journal. If the reviewers determine that the science is accurate, the author may then continue the publishing process of choice and the book may display the seal of The Washington Academy of Sciences. In cases where the Academy editors determine that the book is scientifically accurate but requires editing, they may return the manuscript to the author and request that it be satisfactorily edited.

Art in Science

Our previous Executive Director, Peg Kay, assembled a collection of about two dozen works of art related to science. They have been divided into seven categories. To those of you who came to us by way of a browser search for a particular artist: you’ll find much else of interest on our website. If you live in the DC metro area, please consider joining the Academy.