Sriram – Expert Systems

Ram D. Sriram

Knowledge-based Expert Systems for Engineering: Overview and Project Management

Video series in 2 parts

Part 1: Introduction to Knowledge-Based Expert Systems

Part 2: How to Build a Knowledge-Based Expert System

About the Series:
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is concerned with the development of computer programs that emulate the intelligence of humans, i.e., AI is deeply concerned with the understanding of human problem-solving strategies and incorporating (or simulating) these strategies into computer programs. In the early 60’s researchers realized that for solving problems of practical interest in a reasonable amount of time, computer programs needed domain specific heuristics. This led to the development of computer programs that incorporated domain specific heuristics. The amount of search involved and knowledge manipulated in solving complex problems is often large. An expert rapidly narrows down the search by recognizing patterns and thereby using the appropriate heuristics. Designing a computer program to do this activity is the study of knowledge-based expert systems (KBES), an important practical area of AI which has received a lot of attention in the 1980s because of its enormous potential to solve problems in the engineering domain.
These series of videos provide an introduction to KBES and how to build a KBES. The videos were produced in the 1986 time frame when I served as a faculty member at MIT, where I taught a course on KBES for Engineers. This led to authoring a book entitled “Intelligent Systems for Engineering,” published by Springer Verlag.

First presented: Center for Advanced Engineering Studies, M.I.T., December 1987

Sources: Video 1: Introduction to KBES

Video2: How to build a KBES

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