Science Is Murder

Under the leadership of then-Executive Director Peg Kay, the Washington Academy of Sciences introduced a Seal of Approval for fiction books that correctly use scientific knowledge. Books — including mystery novels — are peer-reviewed by our editorial team and may be awarded our Seal of Approval certificate.

“Science is Murder” panel in 2012, photo by Paul Arveson

Starting in 2009, the Washington Academy of Sciences, in conjunction with Sisters in Crime and Mystery Loves Company, sponsored a panel of prominent mystery writers to discuss how they used science in their work.  Please examine the links below, and read the authors’ books!

Science is Murder 1 – 2009

Science is Murder 2 – 2010

Science is Murder 3 – 2012

Jane O’Brien of BBC News wrote about our Seal of Approval program as well as our Science is Murder panel.  She also interviewed Dr. Jim Cole, President of the Academy at the time: